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Oct 20, 2017
San Jose
No this isn't the Smoke Weed Thread type joint issues,

I have had a reconstructed elbow for most of my adult life and have recently started working out again... but I've quickly hit my limit, and can't put any pressure on my arm and won't be able to for a week or so until the inflamation goes back down. I put 8 years of kungfu+kickboxing and hard training outside of kungfu into my workout routine, combatting my mobility restrictions as best as I can, and have had no issues with it aside from a few stretches.

For those that find it relevant to know, on my right arm I cannot rotate my wrist (cannot move palm up > palm down, at all, it remains down unless I rotate my entire arm to force the palm up. Also means my elbow sticks out to the right while I type lol). I also cannot touch my shoulder on my right arm-- the elbow stops before 90 degrees. No amount of stretching or physio will bring it back due to the unique "formatting" my bones have now to fit the reconstructed elbow.

That being said, the issue I'm having mostly is any pressure on my right wrist, in any direction. I am a long time handstander, and while pressure to a properly positioned palm (in good handstanding position) is fine, pushups and things that involve even the slightest rotation under pressure have me dropping to the floor, if I ever put trust into my right hand.

In short, I'm wondering:
1) Anyone who can relate to this problem, or has knowledge about this kind of problem/working around it?
2) Know what kind of proper techniques I should be using to stretch the arm which are the most easy on the elbow joints?
3) What kind of supplements or dietary changes could be made to reduce inflamation and keep my joint as healthy as it can be?
4) Do I just need to see a doctor/there is no recommended way to go about this that you see fit?

I was told that later in life I'm likely to encounter arthritis but I didn't know how severe it might be, or that it could eventually lead to bone grinding (I hope not @_@).

Thanks, reader, even if you have no input.

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