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sukky sukky

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Nov 20, 2002
Problem 1:
Meteorologists have recorded monthly rainfall amounts at several sites throughout a region of the country. You have been asked to write an interactive program that lets the user enter one year's rainfall amounts at a particular site and print out the average of the 12 values. After the data for a site is processed, the program askes whether the user would like to repeat the process for another recording site. A user response of 'y' means yes and 'n' means no. The program must trap errorneous input data (negative calues for rainfall amounts and the invalud responses to the "Do you wish to continue?" prompt).

Problem 2:
Many universities send warning notices to students who are in danger of failing a class. Your program should calculate the average of three test grads and print out a student's ID number, average or whether or not student is passing. Passing is a 60-point average or better. If the student is passing with less than 70 averages, the program should indicate that he or she is marginal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I don't really know any C++ at all. If you don't really want to post here, you may email me hs_ownz_joo@hotmail.com

In advance, thankyou

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