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Kurt Entrance exam passing mark (1 Viewer)


New Member
Aug 11, 2020
Seriously though, it depends. For younger years like 8-9, you can basically flunk most of it and get in provided you don't make any stupid mistakes that Kurt hates, like cancelling the x in x/(x+1). I don't know the specific mark for the later years, but if you don't already do coaching (e.g. Du) after mid Year 10, you're not getting in because you'll be too far behind. I just realised that you're in year 10 after writing this lol, so if you're already fairly confident in polynomials + logs, you should be fine (I don't actually remember the specific topics, but somewhere around there_. If not and you can answer most of the algebra and/or geometry questions, you might get shoved into either one-on-one tutoring or the lower classes for catch up but idk good luck.

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