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LAST MINUTE - Editing, Marking including Reflection Statement (1 Viewer)


Nov 22, 2015
Hi all,

Offering a service for last minute editing, marking and review of your Major Work and Reflection Statement. The Reflection Statement, in particular, is often the difference between and E3 and an E4 or a 48/50 and State Ranking. Please see my thread - http://community.boredofstudies.org/482/tutoring-classifieds/345250/english-tutoring-why-you-need-me.html - for further advice, and content I have written on this subject.

Why me?

I received a high 50/50, was state shortlisted and received full marks for my reflection statement. I have 10 years of experience tutoring English at all levels, specialising in Extension 2, and have helped 11 students receive band E4 marks.

How does it work?

I charge $50 per hour. We will agree on the amount of hours up front. I will review your work, give you an assessment of where it is at, what you need to fix to improve and help you to do that. I will obviously produce what we agree within your tight deadline and giving you enough time, where appropriate, to incorporate changes. My number is 0405836941.

First come first served, contact me on the number above to organise.

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