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Long Response Specificity? (1 Viewer)


Breaking the limits.
Sep 11, 2014
In a parallel universe.
So in the 6-8 markers, I have discussed and answered the questions in detail. However, I feel like it was not enough to be pushed to a full-marker.

For example, in the communication 8 marker, it asked for problems in visual accommodation:
- I did not explain what accommodation means. (I didn't fully read the question, though I'm certain it's a mark in the marking criteria.)
- I said that when the lens refracts light so that the focus lies before the retina, it is identified as myopia.
- Using this scientific knowledge, scientists are able to determine that myopia can be corrected with concave lens glasses.
- Ditto for hyperopia and said that it is when the light focuses behind the retina.
- I elaborated on how these scientific knowledge helps propagate technological advancements in benefiting society as a whole.

I was still in my English exam mindset and focused mainly on answering the question - had an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and everything. Do you guys think this is enough specificity? How much of an effect would this be to my marks?

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