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sorry if i offended anyone
Nov 26, 2008
There's lots of truth and relevance in philosophy and gender studies - relevance to society and the way it functions or should function, and revealing truths about the dynamics between groups, history, elaborating and critically analysing concepts.
No there literally isn't

There's value for a society to have citizens be equally informed and thoughtful about the workings of that society! Even if you deny the idea that 'something can be worthwhile to study even if it doesn't provide rigid job outcomes and benefits' (like... you know, studying theories about the *truth* of things is therefore irrelevant),
Gender studies isn't "truth". It's pure, data-phobic ideology. And even if stuff in philosophy is strictly speaking "true", that doesn't mean it's worthwhile studying and funding. There are any number of true things are useless and irrelevant.

the level of creativity, critical thinking etc something like philosophy cultivates makes it good brain exercise and betters workers in other areas
You have zero evidence for this.

(and contributes to higher earnings funnily enough, philosophy majors in the US anyway).
You're assuming that correlation = causation. If you people are so smart, you wouldn't have made such a trivial error.

In reality, the statistic is meaningless without controlling for other factors. Philosophy students in the US tend to have an average IQ around 129, compared with 115 for all college graduates. So it is eminently more likely that philosophy majors earn more because people who are smart are more likely to study philosophy (and smart people earn more on average)

Either you aren't into philosophy, or people into philosophy aren't so smart after all.

And let's just ignore some of the greatest thinkers and scientists that graced this planet were philosophers and had their other more 'helpful' studies informed by that study.
Ah yes, appealing to extreme outliers. Good one. I would have thought someone into philosophy would be capable of avoiding such fallacious arguments.

Name one single useful contribution made by Australian philosophy academics in the past decade.

(also bruh USyd is on a warpath to cut half of MedSci staff, units are being removed in every university, if unis are expected to cover the same/higher costs with less funding what do you think will likely happen to quality??? mega brain energy. mega troll energy <3)
1. This change has literally nothing to do with fee changes to the humanities.

2. There's no reason why this necessarily will impact teaching quality. USyd say that a large reason for these cuts is because they have more staff than necessary to teach its courses. You're assuming a purely linear relationship between funding/no. of teacher and teaching quality, but there's no reason to think this is true. It is almost certainly subject to diminishing marginal returns that may essentially be zero after a certain point.

3. I don't support these cuts, but they should be funded by axing worthless humanities academics.

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