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Maths Ext 1

General Resources

Maths Ext 1 HSC Zips, Solutions & Trial Papers (thsconline)

Maths Ext 1 Prelim Papers (thsconline)

Maths Ext 1 BoS Resources Section

Maths Calculus Courses Syllabus & Support Materials

Mathslinks - Mathematics Interactive Videos & Resources

Extracurricular Maths & Material for Accelerated/Gifted Students

Updates on Syllabus Changes will be Posted Here

UNSW Teachers Development Day for proposed syllabus material

Wolfram Alpha

Key Links:

[1] Mr Woo (Wootube)
Maths resources for Year 10-12 sites; as well as IPT resources. This site has useful videos for these subjects, including topics which are not covered in the HSC curriculum, but might be of some use for those continuing mathematics in tertiary studies. This site is mantained by Mr Woo; who as of 2015; is the Head Teacher of Mathematics at Cherrybrook Tech HS

Youtube Channel: here

[2] VirtualB15
Useful exercises and videos which explain the key concepts in both the Year 11 and HSC Extension 1 and 2 Maths courses. This site is maintained by Mr Simmons; who as of 2015; teaches at Baulkham Hills HS

Youtube channel here

[3] Angelfire 4U / Maths Ext 2 & Extracurricular Materials
Material mostly relevant for Ext 2 mathematics students; but also contains updates on syllabus changes, and material to extend yourself. This site has useful material designed to extend beyond the extent of the course, again useful for those continuing mathematics in tertiary studies. This site is maintained by Mr Buchanan, who as of 2015; teaches at Taylors College; and who is also present on this forum.

[4] USYD School of Physics MX1 Page
This page is maintained by Mr Cooper, lecturer in the School of Physics at USYD. Note: Unlike for MX2, there isn't a lot of materials here.

[5] HSC CSU (archived 2015)
Produced by Charles Sturt University. The actual MX1 pages aren't archived unfortunately.

[6] Terry Lee Solutions (archived 2017)
Terry Lee's website with solutions to HSC Papers
New website here

[7] Sydney Uni MX1 Bridging Course
Covers the MX1 course in 11/12 days.

[8] Enoch Lau
Notes for Maths, Maths Ext 1 and Physics.

RealFunctionC Youtube channel: here
Covers 2U, Ext 1 and Ext 2 as well as some extracurricular topics in his videos.

Marathon Threads:

2017 MX1 Marathon

2016 MX1 Marathon

2015 MX1 Marathon

2013-2014 MX1 Marathon

2012 MX1 Marathon #1
2012 MX1 Marathon #2

Official BOS Trials Threads
BoS Trials Past Papers

Other Useful Threads:

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External Websites for Teachers:

MANSW Website

Note: To contribute practice papers Email or upload here.

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