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Aug 17, 2006
Anyone have a copy of all the multiple choice questions? I want to review my answers.


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Apr 1, 2007
excuse the poor grammar, and not the exact words, but pretty much the same idea. the capitalised ones were the ones that I put as the answer

1) how is aboriginal spirituality determined by dreaming
a. it explains the concept of terra nullius
b. it forms the basis of the covenant with god
c. it explains why ancestral spirits are no longer alive
D. it explains how the world was formed and how it was sustained

2)which of the following is the first legal recognition of aborigine's spiritual connection with the land?
A.mabo case
b.native title act
c. wik case
d. NT ammendment act

3)whats the role of aborignal elders
a. develop independence of aboriginal community
b. organise purchase of crown land
c. protect integrity of sacred texts
D. preserve and transmit the most sacred meaning of aboriginal ritual

4) how is kinship of an aboriginal person determined
a. choice
B. born into group
c. initiation rites
d. location of birthplace

5)what was the reason for removing aboriginal children from their families in '45?
a. lessen burden on aboriginal communities
B. force adoption of euro culture
c.provide opportunites to improve literacy
d. allow them to share aboriginal spirituality with the euros

6) what the impact of aboriginal reconciliation on christianity
a. loss of aboriginal culture
b. reduced awareness of aboriginal ritual and ceremony
C. increased awareness of aboriginal ritual and ceremony
d.loss in traditional practises in other religions

7) which of these is an example of denominational switching
a. catholic to zen buddhism
b. uniting church to to hinduism
C. orthodox judaism to reform judaism
d. christianity to new age

8) the main cause for increasing religion diversity in Aust post 1945 is
a. declining impact of secularism
B.changing patterns of immigration
c. adoption of assimiliation
d. strenthening of ecumenism

At a meeting in Dec 2006, leaders from all religious groups agreed that their faiths required all Aussies to take care of Gods creation and immmediately tackle climate change

9)what does this statement affect?
A. ecumensim
b. sectarianism
c. interfaith dialogue
d. new age religion

10) whats the likely outcome of the situation
A. combined relgious pressure on politicians
b.conflict between leaders on religious traditions
c. decreased peace and tolerance in the wider community
d. encouragement for religious leaders to become politicians

As for the short answer one about the impact of ecumenism,i wrote
-founding of the national councils of churches of australia
-uniting churched formed in '77
-increased denomiantional switching

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