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my first draft of my reflection statement (1 Viewer)


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May 9, 2006
Um, this is my first reflection statement draft, which is due today. if people can look over it and tell me if i'm on the right track that would be cool.:)

Arg, i'm paranoid, i pretty sure it's not that good, probably heaps rambling and stuff. please be kind, lol.

Others can post their too if they want and i'll review them too, yeah?


Ok! i'll tell you the truth!! ><.

this is in fact a devious ploy to undermine my nazi computer teacher who runs the school network.

i want to edit my draft at school in my frees, but he doesn't allow flashdrives or disc drive access for students and he blocked the other site i used to upload homework to so i could print it off on the school system.

i don't really care/mind if you review my draft - i'm posting it here because it's the only site i can do so that he hasn't blocked.

THERE. i TOLD you. <_< >_>. reviews would still be appreciated though, i guess, even though i'm cringing on the inside at the thought. i'll review others too. thanks.

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I would have left the truth out of your thread. More people might have looked at it, then.

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