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Notes - Amenhotep - Ramses II, Ramses II, and Akhenaten

I've got notes and essays on Egypt (Ramesside Society + and Amenhotep III - Ramses II Period, Ramses II Personality and Akhenaten Personality [yes, I studied for both]), as well as Rome (Augustus - Nero Period), but I'm kinda hesitant to post any of my essays on the net due to me possibly using some of the info in my uni degree and being later accused of using someone elses resource, but I understand that other people's ideas can be really useful to get you those few extra marks in an assesment or the big exam.

So, if you email me or add me to msn and ask nicely, I'll be pleased to give you some essays/notes/tips to help you out.

rob.p@optushome.com.au (both msn and email)
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