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Oct 28, 2019
Has anyone tried any online classes? As in virtual classes...

Has anyone tried Cluey, Talent or Matrix and can give some advice on what to do? I'm thinking about HSC Chemistry in particular


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Jan 12, 2015
Hey 1-99!

Although I cannot give you anything specific to HSC Chemistry, as someone who has run 10 or so online classes for English I can tell you from this side of the industry what tends to work better and what doesn’t.

1. Prerecorded lessons are tricky: especially if you want to ask questions, unless they have some help hotline, these pre-recorded lessons are the same gist as Khan academy (which is free). My little brother goes to Dr Du - the main advantage he’s getting is just practise questions at the moment because the classes are just Dr Du speaking in front of a whiteboard. So consider what it is you need.
2. Places with too many students are tricky: I work alongside someone who does selective high school tutoring and the intel is that with Pre-uni and places with >10 kids/class, it’s crazy. Kids fall asleep, there’s just so much ambient noise etc etc - so try to make sure you pick a place with a good number of students/class
3. Consider how they are going to mark your work: online classes are great and dandy but unless the tutoring places has organised a way to provide feedback, it will be hard to reap the full benefits of tuition. Because I do English tuition we spent a good amount of time perfecting a feedback system that works in real time during the lesson and will not be lost after the lesson.
4. It’s better than you think: online lessons can actually be pretty lit if you find the right place :) Think about the lack of travel, the convenience of your computer and yes - you can wear pyjamas and no one will care 😂😂😂

I hope that was helpful and hope you find a great place for HSC Chem!
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