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Nov 4, 2004
Dingo2004 said:
im class of 03
and i am still in uni
and my parents r still paying for all my stuff
textbooks... uni fees... transport.... food.... clothing... even my car.. including petrol too !!!

i know it sounds like im a spoilt brat...

but i thought everyone else was like that .. until i talked to a few friends about this money issue.. and they all seem to be paying by themselves for everything...

so i kind of feel bad ... and guilty now ....

but then again i think of it as another HECS loan.. and i could always giv back after i graduate and land a real job..

im a big spender.. so the money i make from work basically dissapears on clothes, drinks, clubs, etc.... (u can say this.. i make $1 and spend $2)

so just wondering.. who here pays for their own transport/textbooks/uni fees/lunch etc etc...

i know relying on your parents is not a good thing..
but my parents insist on paying for me till i graduate as long as i dont fail...
which is a decent thing also after i thought about it.. (coz i can always giv back later on too... its about helping each other.. they help me now when im in need.. and i help them later when they are in need (ie pensioners)....

i know it depends on alotta things too such as your parents financial position.. your own financial position.. etc

but just to see a general idea of the who pays for uni fees etc pattern...

giv us your personal insight of how you manage to fork out hundreds and thousands of dollars each semester to keep yourself in uni..

my parents did the same thing for my sister, she [my sister] bought them a car in the end

my parents pay for nothing of mine so im not in debt =D


bundy for me
Mar 21, 2003
Somewhere in NSW... who knows?
deferred HECS, parents pay for college ($240/week)

i pay them $150 a fortnight towards college fees from YA
i pay for petrol (takes a tank to get home plus i do a bit of driving to different towns on the weekends), going out, drinking, clothes, general service fee, textbooks etc. etc. my car is mine (i used the $$ i earnt in my year off to buy it)

also just got a $5k scholarship so will be giving most of it to the parents for college fees, but they said i could keep some for a holiday or something... i try not to ask them for money, but i know that if i needed it for something important then they would give it to me

no time for a job in armidale (i do a 22+ hr a week course, plus play netball and waterpolo, and there are always other college functions and stuff on) and it's pretty hard for uni students to get one anyway... especially when we go home in the holidays
Aug 26, 2004
my mum is paying my uni fees and textbooks next year.. i'll still be living at home and will pay a sort of weekly 'board' of about $30-50 (depending on how much i'm earning/how many hours i can fit in with studying). i don't drive but i'll pay for my own transport and everything else if i can, or borrow money from her during the semester and pay it back when i work more during the holidays.

i feel lucky to have such a generous mum but i do intend to pay her back (in part) by taking her on a holiday overseas when i get my first proper job. :)

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