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Please help - form! (1 Viewer)


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Jan 10, 2013
Hey so just started ex2 and i decided i might do a Socratic dialogue. Could someone give me information related to this form, i have a number of questions.
1. How many words can a socratic dialogue be? (is it a critical, a creative or what? - What textual form does it come under?)
2. How do you make a Socratic dialogue work without boring the audience (just an eg. - Should you do a creative writing and introduce the speakers in say an interview and do QANDA making an analytical component of the work?)
3. How many people do Socratic dialogues (i haven't seen a single one in the showcase) generally?
4. Is a Socratic dialogue too simple a medium for english extension 2 (has it been overdone in the past and thus, is not done by many of the candidature in ex2?)
5. AND MY MAIN QUESTION - Can you make the first part creative (while say for example, the character goes somewhere for a job interview) and then do QANDA

Thank you very much!
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