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Dec 29, 2016
1) there are two white and three black discs in a bag. two players A and B are playing a game in which they draw a disc from the bag and then replace it. player A must draw a white disc to win and player b must draw a black disx. player a goes first. find the probability that

A) player b wins on her first draw
B) player a wins in less than four of her turns.
C) player a wins the game

2) a bag contains two green and two blue marbles. marbles are drawn at random, one by one without replacement, until two green marbles have been drawn. what is the probability that exactly three draws will be required?

3) a coin is tossed continually until, for the first time, the same result appears twice in succession. that is, you continue tossing until you toss two heads or two tails in a row.

Find the probability
a) the game ends before the sixth toss of the coin
b) that an even number of tosses will be required

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