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Premium Assignment/essay editing and feedback Service l 97.25 ATAR (1 Viewer)


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Mar 14, 2012
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Hey everyone,

I'm Daniel, a 2013er and i'm currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Law @ UNSW.

You may have seen my other thread http://community.boredofstudies.org/482/tutoring-classifieds/317843/hsc-tutoring-97-25-atar-eco-business-free-notes.html#post6515389 , this is an extension of my services for people that just want some one off feedback on your assignment/essay/business report.

What do i do?

I am offering a paid service to edit and provide extensive feedback on assignments, essays and Business Reports for Economics and Business Studies (i can do other subjects that i did, send me an email).

I will not do the assignment for you

This service aims to be time efficient so depending on my workload, you will receive feedback within a 2-3 hour timeframe after i have received the task and informed you that i am starting. The Feedback will vary from comments on your structure and flow to your analysis and how effectively you have answered the set question. I have done this in the past on an individual basis for a few Bos members and it has worked quite well. My work has ranged from generic essays for in class exams, business reports and other assignment based work. Please note that i will not do the assignment for you (this breaches HSC All My Own Work) and it is not ethical to do so. The whole point of this service is to facilitate your personal learning because paying me to do your assignment won't assist you in your external exams.

I ask for you to provide me with a marking criteria (or other related stimulus) if possible as this ultimately allows me to provide a more accurate judgement and provide rough mark range.

Why Me?

I achieved an atar of 97.25 so be assured that you're receiving feedback to achieve a band 6. I provide this feedback to my tutor students on a week-by-week basis so this type of service isn't foreign to me. Throughout my experiences, i have identified the areas where students go wrong in their tasks (mainly related to poor links/analysis) and specifically identify where they can improve this. Your feedback will be highly detailed and consistent throughout the text, with a mix of constructive criticism of where you can improve combined with aspects that you have excelled in. Although you may disagree with positive feedback being included, I believe this is key because being able to identify your strengths within a certain area of the task will assist to applying this more thoroughly throughout.

Contacting Me

You can either PM me or send me an email at hsctutoring007@gmail.com for more details (please mention you're from BoS).

-Prices will be discussed on an individual basis depending on the nature of the task, the length and other characteristics. To make things more efficient, please provide me with some details on the task such as length as this will allow me to respond quicker with a price and timeframe.

-Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer

If you're interested in purchasing my notes, please refer to this thread http://community.boredofstudies.org/482/tutoring-classifieds/317843/hsc-tutoring-97-25-atar-eco-business-free-notes.html#post6515389

Have a great day,

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Apr 4, 2014
This sounds like it'll be very good. Bump for Daniel. :)

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