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Preparing for Extension 2 English - All Tips (1 Viewer)


Mar 26, 2016
I am in term 3 of Year 11, and have been considering Extension 2 English. If I do choose to do the subject, I was hoping to come up with a rough idea before the start of Yr 12 (term 4). Does anyone have any tips for how to choose a fantastic idea, and anything else I should know before I start? Would anyone recommend attempting to finish the majority of the task before the end of the Christmas School holidays - and if so, what is the best way to approach this?



New Member
Aug 10, 2018
I wouldn't panic about it. I'm just about to hand in my own major work, and from my experience, good ideas can't be rushed.
If you really want to come up with a concept now, start by looking at past major works in the medium you're thinking of composing in (e.g I did film, so I watched A LOT of Ext 2 films of youtube, both good and bad). Analyse them, think about what worked and what didn't. Plus, it'll jump-start your creative process.

To narrow down concept, focus on what YOU find interesting. This is important. A lot of students try to do things about mental health or the experiences of refugees just to impress the markers, but it never works. The markers are looking for originality and an authentic voice, and plus it'll be heaps easier to do the major work if you actually enjoy doing it. Write down a mindmap of your favorite genres, books, films, topics of interest etc. and narrow it down from there.

The idea probably wont come to you straight away. Mine hit me in the middle of the Christmas break after I'd mulled over the same genre for a month. When it does, harness that creative excitement and start working at it. During the Christmas break, you probably want to have a half-draft done (doesn't have to be great, it just has to be something). However, trying to finish the task before 2019 isn't realistic or a good idea. The major work is a PROCESS. Fantastic ideas take time to develop, and things will change throughout the year as you get feedback.

My advice: Have a finished draft by the time you reach Term 3 (April-June 2019). It takes the pressure off school, and makes it easier to write reports/reflection statements for it.

Further Advice about Originality: Your major work doesn't have to be game-changing to get a good mark. It just has to be good. Find an idea that you like, and work from there.

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