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Question about music 1 HSC System.. HELP (1 Viewer)


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Nov 5, 2018
Hello I'm now becoming year12 and I am taking music 1.

I was just not sure about how the music 1 hsc system goes.

SO I know that we're doing

1 core performance + 3 elective stuff (performance, composition, etc)

and I also know that we have to choose three topics for those 3 elective stuff.

Im planning to do 4 performances (including core performance) and do I have to do choose a topic for my core performance as well??

and If I choose topics such as JAZZ, does that mean I have to do a jazz piece for my performance?

If it is, how can I perform if I choose a topic such as AN INSTRUMENT AND ITS REPERTOIRE??


1. I want to do everything in performance. how many topics do I have to choose?

2. How does the topics reflect to my performance?

3. NESA says I have to choose a topic that I haven't studied at year11. Does that mean If I studied JAZZ at year 11, I can't choose it?

Thank You.


Feb 7, 2016
The Shire
1. So you choose 3 topics, 2 for 2 electives and one will be both your core and an elective.

2. The piece you play should be indicative of the topic - so yes, a jazz piece should be played for a jazz performance. If you choose Instrument & its Repertoire, you must play a piece written for the instrument - e.g play a clarinet sonata on clarinet.

3.You can't choose a topic again if you did it in year 12 - I do believe however that there is some loophole that allows repetition that your principal must approve of. For this to work, you must go into noticeably more depth in said repeated topic.

Discuss topics with your teacher - my teacher helped me with organising mine a lot. Choose your pieces, then play around with the topics so your performances fit in the best way possible.
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