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Mar 7, 2020
This was the spreadsheet I used for physics in the 2020 HSC. I make no guarantees on its' quality. It is mapped directly to each syllabus subsection. The table at the top is marked, scroll down in the spreadsheet if you want a clean version.

Below each subsection is a set of 3 things you can do to "complete" your understanding of the subsection:

One of these is the strive textbook, which has organized relevant past questions for each of the subsections. Do not worry too much if you cannot get your hands on this book, the questions are organized similarly in the thread
PHYSICS HSC Questions Sorted by Topic (Based on New Syllabus)

(credit to user jazz519, this is theirs and not mine).

The second part is videos, which I have in separate power point presentations. I cannot release these at the moment due to copyright issues, but I can modify them if there is a decent demand. You could also use edrolo videos for this, or just search them on YouTube. Make sure you write down information, just watching the videos is pointless.

The third part is "questions in powerpoint", which are questions from the attached sources (and the atar notes physics topic tests, but I can't attach that). You should also use the 2020 paper, but this won't be attached.

The "assigned" part doesn't actually map to completion, but is there if you wish to keep track of it. I've done it this way because teachers won't necessarily assign work for every subsection, but you can change it if you want to.


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