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Jun 20, 2004
St Ives
How r u all finding the exams? Not as bad as you thought?

I find that i really dont want to stress myself about the sc because its nothing in the whole scheme of things, but its just so hard not to care. Even if i dont care if i fail, i would still like to see myself do well because its like 2 years of schooling and this is like the final result so i want to see if those 2 years of hell have payed off at all...lol. Nah, but im really not looking forward to the History/Geo paper. I hope the questions arent too specific.
Its really funny, coz here we are, year 10ers all stressing about teh sc, when there are all of those year 12 ppls who are doing their hsc, something with obviously alot more importnace and significance in the future. Good luck with ur hsc everyone, even if there is only one more day. Does it finish this wednesday?

Ah well, good luck with geo/history and maths all y ou year 10ers. Only one more day and we are free. looking forward to the rest of the year where we do nothing except bludge!

take care.

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