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Society and Culture - PIP Topic? (1 Viewer)


New Member
Mar 27, 2020
I want to debunk the link between violent video games, and violence in real life. After researching this, I realised that it's an easy "no, it does not", (There are a lot of mixed responses, but in the end, they often conclude that there are no strong 'long term' effects) which is what I wanted, however, my teacher thinks that it is a 'dried out topic', which has turned my PIP on its head.

I also had the idea that it is, in fact, competitive gaming that is the cause of these violent outbursts, but I haven't gone far with it. If I were to do this, the other thing I'm confused about is the chapters, and what the chapter topics would be, while still focusing on the initial idea.

I basically just need help; if anyone has done video games as their pip, please give me some sort of idea on where I should be heading because I really like the idea.

Thanks a heap!

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