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Solve HSC chem questions with AI (1 Viewer)


New Member
Nov 27, 2023
Hey everyone, just wanted to share something that could help with your chemistry questions.

This is an AI tutor I've created that specialises in the HSC syllabus! You can check it out here: algebro.me

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 5.45.07 pm.png

A bit about me:
My name is Alisa - a 2020 grad from Hornsby Girls’ High School. For HSC I received 98/100 in Maths extension 1, 95/100 in extension 2, and tutored others in these subjects after graduation. I’m currently studying Physics & Computer Science at USyd, and was inspired to create an AI that helps HSC students the way I did.

Under the hood, Algebro uses GPT-4 + Vision as a base, and is heavily trained with topics and formulas from our syllabus. This makes his accuracy much higher than the base model. However, please note that he can still make mistakes, and is more designed to be a helpful study tool, than a know-all teacher!

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