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Stuff that Senior Science vegie exam (1 Viewer)


Jun 16, 2018
Sydney, NSW
WHAT WAS THAT FKIN EXAM@!!!!!! Jesus Christ, as a student that has an 85% average in SS, this was just cruel, the layout was terrible, the questions were very subjective and misleading (WTF was that optical fibre morse code thing - I have never learnt that?? It does not mention that in the textbook, study guides or online - only thing I could find was the lighthouse signal lights)
I reckon NESA purposely made this exam very difficult due to the fact that this is the last cohort of senior science, same goes to english where the questions were made much harder as they are changing the syllabus for next years year 12 - In which the exam also had a strange layout.
Overall personally, I felt as though that paper was poorly written and way too objective compared to trials, i'm just hoping to achieve 70+, this is ridiculous and utterly alien :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

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