stupid shit you've done in class (1 Viewer)


Apr 7, 2016
Jump through windows to open the classroom door.

Some class in my grade flooded their classroom and didn't have classes for a week but it was end of the year anyway.

Throw stuff at the fan.

A group of guys stole computers including the giant CPU's.

Had tech class or whatever came early and decided to change all the desktop wallpapers to burning Elmo.

Made batch files and put them on random computers, was in the other classroom and someone from next door opened one of my batch files it was the one I made with a girl screaming and dog barking while a bunch of random files opened up. Everyone was very confused.

Not my classroom but I walked past a guy who had is pants pulled down (he had boxers on) and just stood there, while his friends laughed their asses off.

I had to wait for my older sister after school who had hsc biology class or whatever. I was playing handball with a friend and the ball bounced away so I decided to go get it. As I was walking towards a wall where the ball was I saw a guy pushing another guy against the other side of the wall and whispered no homo and walked away. It was very homo.

Someone in my class played the Boku No Pico opening song for their music composition.

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