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Nov 7, 2022
Hi everyone!
We hope you're doing well whether you're at the beginning of your senior high school years or you just finished your exams!
As former high school students we remember the stress and struggles when preparing for final exams, thats why we are creating a new study tool for you to practice - pastpape!
We would like to know what you think about the resources currently available to you and get some feedback on our platform.
It would be great if you could participate in our short survey in order to help us better understand your current study process and where you get your resources. We are giving away $50 to two random people who will out the form!! If you want to participate please like the post and leave your email at the end of the form or leave us a comment here. We will announce the winners on our reddit page and also reach out to you directly! Feel free to let your friends know too.

This survey is completely anonymous and should only take 5 minutes to fill out :)
Thank you for your collaboration!

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