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Jun 4, 2003
Our class was badly treated throughout the two years of studying retail.

In the beginning we all were going fine, putting up with a stupid teacher. But as time wore on, our teacher became more and more insaner. She narrowed down me & 3 of my friends and began a war upon us, while being a bitch to the rest of the class as well. The four of us who she mainly hated the most were all split up into 4 corners of the room and then one by one she isolated us from the class for 2 weeks. For doing nothing wrong.
One of us got so angry with the treatment that the board of studies was called in and an investigation was put forward, but alas they really couldnt do anything. The irony was that as all this isolation was happening, she wrote our reports and said "yes they are good students" etc.

This continued for a year.

Then after a year, we were informed that she was not coming back as the job of teaching us was to stressfull! So during the holidays a relief teacher went to some course in melbourne for 2 weeks to learn a bit of retail. She then became our teacher for year 12. Lets just say she didnt know much, and in the beginning it was good. But then as time wore on, she became meaner and meaner. She then isolated us, plus more of the class, even toying with splitting the class up into the "good people" and the "bad people", she started cracking down on us for no reason. It was quite upsetting.

They created an environment were it was extremely difficult to learn or to get motivated to actually do work/try, and i blame the teaching staff for my *possible* failure and the *possible* failure of my peers.


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Nov 6, 2003
da Gong
teacher from hell hey

i kno wat u mean when u say "yes they are good students" every single teacher ive had through high school esp the ones whose classes i mucked up in all say on ur report 'Melissa is a very good responsible child'

im like yeh bullshit


Jul 21, 2003
i did the course through mcdonalds. you should be glad that you even got a teacher - we got a big folder at the start of yr 11 and were told to do all the exercises in it by a certain date. once every few months somebody from the training department would come and check it, but it was more just to look if we're doing work rather than to help us or explain things to us. add to that we were supposed to be assigned a specific person for the whole two years, but i've been through about 4-5 i think.

having said that, i dont think having a teacher is particularly important for this subject. i generally dont do a lot of work in other classes, and usually leave studying until the last minute, so the fact that i can get such a ridiculously high mark for the trial based on such a minimal effort shows that not having a teacher, or even not having a good one shouldnt be a limiting factor for you.

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