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Feb 3, 2008
I am tutoring Biology for any year 11 or 12 student from now on. This is particularly for anyone wishing to get a head start on the course throughout the summer holidays as I am fully available. So if you are finding that you are already having trouble with the course after year 11 (or think you may have trouble in year 11) I am happy to help you with all your problems +++ teach you what you have not previously covered ahead of time so that when you go back to school it will be smooth sailing (lets face it we all are looking for ways to make the hsc easier).

I received the top biology ranking in year 11 and 12, had an amazing teacher at a school in which last year everyone received band 6 in biology except for 1 student. I have just completed my HSC (2008) so I cannot inform you of my over all mark as yet.

Tutoring information
I live in the St Ives area and am happy to travel to you (if you are close by) or tutor you at my own house which can sometimes be more beneficial as I will have access to everything. I have heaps of resources that I can photocopy for you as well as top notes on all the syllabus dot points. I will be charging $30 an hour for 1 on 1 sessions which also accounts for any email correspondence with problems you may have outside of the hour I see you. This price is negotiable and am happy to do group sessions for a lower rate so bring your friends!

If you wish to contact me, message me on bos and I will provide any additional information u need :)

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