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University Pathways Program (1 Viewer)

Deep Blue

Dec 17, 2010
Via this program, I have the opportunity to study a semester of University level mathematics due to my acceleration in MX1/2. In the HSC year I intend to study nine units (see signature) but I can drop down to as little as seven. After completely school I intend to study medical science, of which I assume a semester of mathematics would have no relevance towards. However, I may change my mind and decide to study a math degree instead, though this is slight. The only university I could partake in the University Pathways would be through UNE. What would the benefits be, if any, of me undertaking the Algebra and Differential Calculus at UNE towards my studies, future studies and/or acceptance into relevant degrees or jobs in the medical science area, or unrelated degrees/jobs in mathematics? What would the disadvantages be, and would these outweigh the possible advantages?

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