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Jun 18, 2013
Both degrees are more or less the same, except the Advanced counterpart requires you to take advanced units rather than some of the normal ones. Obviously ceteris paribus, an employer choosing between two candidates may favour the one with the Advanced degree more, but I think in the end, it won't matter too much, especially since in the jobs you'll be looking for, you'll also be competing against many other B. Sci (computer science), IT and other graduates anyway.

If you're considering honours and other postgraduate studies in the relevant areas of study, the advanced degree may be more beneficial, since it exposes you to more in computer science and IT. If you're interested in doing much more than the bare minimum, the advanced degree would be better.

But if the above doesn't apply to you, or if you're unsure of whether you'll keep to the areas of study (and consequently the degree itself), it would be much safer to go for the mainstream degree. It's really all about you and how you feel about taking on extra workload, and what you may personally get out of it.
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