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USYD Economics Honours / Finance Honours Alumni - Notes & Resources (1 Viewer)

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New Member
Apr 7, 2019
Hi I'm Jacob,

A third year Economics & Finance Honours student at the USYD, finishing Honours units in Advanced macroeconomics and Applied macro econometric time series modelling.

I speak to those interested in Finance & Economics, studying these units in the HSC. Take the stress off the HSC, as I'm selling my Economics, 2U English and Business Study notes covering the whole syllabi. Get it while you can ASAP as I'm going to chuck them off my computer.

Below are some samples.

I'm not here to waste time, I'm here to make your life easier and will sell to people interested.
Economics & Business Studies are my bread and butter. Feel free to negotiate a price with me and we will come to some equilbrium.

Kindest regards
Jacob K


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