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Aug 1, 2011
and made up the creative on the spot. I'm a pretty creative person so I think I came up with something that was pretty good, I had to scrap my prepared one because it was more about relationships than places.

My creative was about a nine year old girl who moved to Australia from england and hates it because its different and didn't meet her expectations (theres no koalas in the backyard, nobody rides kangaroos to school, vegemite is gross, etc) and I managed to work in the whole remembering places thing that way. Eventually a school counceler gives her a hermit crab and tells her about how the crab was imported from ecuador and misses its home, but its still happy because it has its shell which is as good as home to it, and the little girl decides to give this wierd country another go. It was about 6 pages but my writing is huge, like 5-7 words a line.

Not bad for something thought up in 10 minutes huh? anyone else manage to bs through the paper?
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