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Year 10 Preliminary Preparation Course (1 term intensive!) (1 Viewer)


Oct 16, 2021
Sigma Science, Parramatta
Hey Guys! Sigma Science is offering a Year 10 Prelim Prep course for students who are currently in Year 10. This course ultimately aims to sum up all of the relevant content in Stage 5 for Physics & Chemistry to equip students to begin the Year 11 course a whole term ahead of school. If you are interested in getting a head start over your peers feel free to shoot me a message or pop an enquiry through the link in my signature and I can get you enrolled.

Course Structure

The classes will be capped at 15, and will be taught by highly skilled tutors who regularly teach Physics & Chemistry at Sigma. In terms of course structure, each lesson will be 2.25h in length (with a short break in the middle as the lesson transitions from Physics to Chemistry) and there will be regular exams on a 3 week basis to test each completed topic for Physics and Chemistry which roughly take 2 weeks per lesson. This will ideally complete all relevant Physics & Chemistry Stage 5 topics within 10 weeks.

The course already has extremely high demand and spots are filling out really quickly. Students within this course will have priority when selecting timeslots for Year 11 courses in Term 4. It is priced at $660 for 10x 2.25h lessons for Chemistry + Physics (students who enrol in both courses are given priority).

Hope to see some of you guys here :)

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