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Year 11 Subject Selections (1 Viewer)


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Jun 23, 2018
I'm planning on doing:
-Legal Studies
-Japanese Beginners
-Music 2
-English Advanced/Standard
-Math Standard

My question is:
I want to get into Law/Music degree at Uni and I'm not sure whether I should do English Advanced or Standard. I've heard from some of my senior friends that Standard English scales poorly and that I would be better off doing Advanced English. I feel I could cope with the work from Advanced English but I'm not sure if I can rank high which is what i want to achieve. I just need reassurance on whether to do Standard of Advanced. Also, what mark would I need to get a 90+ ATAR with these subjects and would it be wise to pick Music Extension as a 13th unit?? Sorry for so many question. Also hello if I know you in real-life.


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Feb 25, 2017
1. Pick English Advanced over English Standard, the scaling is not very good as you have been told, legit less than 1% of the whole state gets a Band 6, compared to Eng Adv's 15%. The content isn't that too far of a difference, Advanced is just more critical and in-depth, which should be comprehensible if you read over your notes/prescribed text. You don't have to try as hard to receive a high rank (unless your school rank is not exactly high) but it's still better to be near the top since Advanced cohorts are generally much more motivated/stronger.
2. If you want a 90+ ATAR, get marks that reflect a 90+ ATAR, so generally 90s or at least 85+ in your subjects especially since most of your subjects dont have uber high scaling.
3. It's completely up to you if you want to pick up Music Extension, if you genuinely love music, then pick it up, but you must good and have a passion for Music if you want to pick up Extension. Also 13 units very stressful, a lot more content and you often stay back at school to fit in those extra classes (like me rip LOL), but at least you've got a 3-Unit safety net, which is a bit excessive, but if you don't feel confident in your subjects, don't mind stress or you really wanna do 13 units, go right ahead but be warned it will be stressful (usually you have like 3/4 assessments due in one week lol rip)


Aug 28, 2017
Advanced for sure. The scaling that comes with advanced is miles better than standard, when the difference honestly isn't that much. The workload is virtually the same, just try to hone your english analysizing skills and you should be fine honestly. Ranking average in advanced is a lot better than ranking higher in standard tbh. And music extension is a good option, but depends on your ability, committment and passion. Music is one of those subjects that you have to really enjoy to stay motivated and do well. Consider whether you have the time and motivation to continue practicing and develop skills. However, since you seem to be aiming for music/law degree then I would recommend it. Only problem is just if you can handle the workload.

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