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  • Happy bday... LOL i dont know you, but i jst coincidently came here and looked at ur DOB and it was the same day as todayy (22nd of may) LOLL... TC
    Pretty good. I'm loving all my subjects except Modern, and I suppose that doesn't really matter as I'm doing 14 units (mind, I did just spand a substancial amount of time doing a major assessment for it despite the fact I'll probably drop it soonish. Oh well. :D )

    Whats TEE btw?
    yeah hun do ur stuff
    LOl well we all wish homework can do its self haha

    BLOODY 4 chapters

    FAR Out girl
    :p haha yep we're pretty much the same hehe
    Aww BAhaha jeez Phd doesn't prove all smartness does it ?

    Hehe yep teachers are evil but good too :D

    awww nahh dont feel dumb cuz ur not doing physics
    u have awesome subs
    u srs a PHD teacher is crap damnnnn
    yeh stupid teachers > <

    oh wowww nice subs pretty ranged ;P
    aww yehh
    im doing Biology , chemistry , physics , Maths extention 1 and adv maths , adv english and PDHPE

    awww yeh chemistry , can be mean . I swer my teacher cannot really explain properly , i literally have to go read it from the book to understand ehh suckzz

    haha yes true
    me plumpton high school
    ooo i'v never heard of ur school b4 sounds awesome :p

    what subs do u do ?
    Interesting. NSW is so simple. HSC hehe.
    Please show me how I sound older(Yes an english question, you must give techniques and quotes:p)
    Omg you call me mean! Nah just kidding.
    Didn't say I want you to go.
    But nor did I say I want you to stay (just to make sure it didn't sound weird)

    You didn't have to pm me for apologies. It makes me feel bad now. :(

    And I hate it when people say sorry to me, I feel like I'm so heartless :(

    Yepp, all things clarified.

    Next time, we'll be more distinctive rather than generic, ayy? ;)

    Write two what now? Pushups you mean? Hehe thats ok.

    Oh yea you live in Fremantle. What do you guys call your higher certificate?

    Dw, if you are a prossie, I'll book a flight straight away :lol:.
    Do I sound that old-.-
    Forum backup. Huh?

    Bye-hopefully this time :lol:
    3 is perfect. 1 for mouth and 2 for hands :lol:
    Nocando. 80 is alot for pushups, I can only do 40 at once.

    What do you work as? Hmm interesting, it's pretty late for work. :p
    Hehe I thought I was bossing you around.

    Amazons are sexy now. I think the "smaller" Amazon's would've kept their boob(s)[wow imagine 3{triple the fun!}]. Hmmm not implying anything :p (no seriously)

    Yes! Maddam! *Army salulte*. Hehe but for I know, you didn't :) too good.
    WTF...I don't get that science joke. Shower as in meteor shower? Both of your boobs as in one of your boobs? Talk about out-nerding
    Hey, nice work I see you censored parts of you DOB. But you're in year 11 is it that hard to find how old you are? Lol :p
    It seems like everyone is stalking me now. Do I attract attention?
    OHH. I see the clown now :OP :O)
    Maths + physics = Maths and physics (...they're related)
    Aamz. Amazon :p
    Yes emilie blame the keyboard. :haha:
    If that shall be, I'll commit treason (tried to sound olden dayish):shy:
    :OP nerd face? Odd. Looks more like a person with a big belly and a flap comming down. Lol
    Hey you're doing maths x1 too, should've have picked physics, we use maths and some things are just logic to us :)
    An hour early to plot your devious plan to "attain" full marks in your physics test :p
    Hey. Thanks for the add. Why did you add me btw? Just wondering. :D

    Wow, you're from Perth. Long way away.
    Oh NO! I'm sorry your majesty, please excuse what I said. :p
    I'm doing Chem,Phys,Math & X1, IPT and Eng adv. What about you?
    So what you're saying is you like staying at school after school hours? Lol nerd. Kidding
    Hmmm, so I'm guessing you were at someone else's page, added guess then saw her page and added me? Lol. Just kidding

    Hmm what are you on about? I am the greatest of all :p

    How am I not nice? I am nice (but people call me mean? like :confused::confused:).
    Yea I'm still at school, like as in I'm in year 11...if you're asking I'm physically at school then no, it's sunday lol.
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