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  • hi there! i'm starting ext 2 this year and was wondering if it's possible to have a read of your MW? just like the person below, it seems like yours was amazing according to lots of posts haha! but yes, if i could take a look that would be amazing :)
    Hi. I'm a EE2 student for 2010 and i was just wondering if i could take a look at your MW from last yr? is this ok? i was going through a couple of forums and people seemed to really like yours. im in desperate need of inspiration!!! please and thank you xx
    Oops, sorry, I haven't been on here in ages.
    I was actually really disappointed with my mark. I got 41. I think it was to do with my rank (2/3). It didn't even end up counting to my ATAR! Grr.
    How did you go? Yours was one of the few I read the whole way through, I think. I liked it.
    lol i always use BoS, just that i officially made an account so i could tell sum retards to back off and grow up :p btw im a major nerd hence u should expect to see me here haha, anyways GL with hsc...did u snap english btw? how u find it? Mod A pissed me did the belonging essay but it was still alrite...expecting a band 5 minimum but i really really really want a band 6 to just show all the retards who dont believe me in =DAnyways again, GL FOR HSC /SALUTE TO QUEEN MELISSA
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