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  • LOL yeah, I want Federer to win today...he's been in impressive form, really hope he meets Djokovic in the finals :)

    Sydney won't let me change because they're way too bureaucratic! They're like, you can only change now after a semester. I was a bit beat up about it earlier but then I realised I can do something awesome like psychology...something i've really been interested in!

    Btw, how does your timetable look like? I haven't seen one for Combined Law yet, I fear it's going to be 5 days a week lol
    I see you changed to International Studies/Law. Damn USyd won't let me change from Arts/Law to Commerce/Law. Oh well, I seem pretty keen on doing a Psychology major :) It'd be a pretty awesome combo with law haha

    Also, on a side good did Djokovic play today? I'm so pumped for Federer v Nadal tomorrow :p
    Should I just wait for them to reply because they haven't done so. Should I call if they don't respond soon cos I have to reorganize my timetable if they allow me to do intermediate korean
    oh well it will be around 2-3 days? If not then maybe 4. I hope it'll be the former. I got mine in around 3 days from when I sent it.
    yeah I have done the placement questionnaire. They placed me into Intermediate Chinese - non background speakers. As for you, Mandarin shouldn't be too hard to pick up, although your accent will be a bit rusty.

    I can't practice mandarin at home because I have to speak english to my parents for convenience
    I speak cantonese at home to my parents but even then it's not so great, because I don't have much family here (to practise my chinese). My parents convince me to learn mando, so I am, but I'm not sure where my level is at. That being said, have you done the interview for the placement?
    wow more Korean. Man I can't even construct a single sentence in Korean. Can only read some characters in Korean, can't write :(
    I've forgotten how to actually write but I still type Chinese through the keyboard.

    And do you speak chinese or english at home?
    I guess you'd probs need to be slightly more all-rounded. Try beginners at first, and then if you find it too easy in the first week, change to intermediate. As for me I'm going straight to intermediate because I can read, write, construct sentences and have working knowledge of around 400 characters. But the only thing is that I don't actually speak Chinese at home, I speak English at home, but I speak Mandarin outside of school. I know a very few phrases in Cantonese though :(

    and wow, learning korean too aye? I reckon learn Chinese first, then Korean will be a piece of cake for you.
    so are you doing beginners chinese or intermediate? and are you actually chinese? If you can't read or write, do beginners.
    I read the threads in Sydney Uni about languages a while ago and yours was one of them. Why Korean in particular (out of interest)?
    My school is Farivale High, ranked 147 (2009)
    my dux got 99.65 last year.

    I was just wondering i just received my half yealy report for year 12 and my ranks are the following.

    English standard: 1st / 173
    Maths 2U: 2nd / 46
    Geography: 1st / 8
    Economics: 7th / 30
    Physics: 7th /39

    last year in year 11 i was top 5 for all my subjects.
    since everyone is saying that ranks are most important and if they are do u think i am able to get a 90+ ATAR with my ranks at the moment.

    ALso you know how im 7th in both physics and economics do you think that's a good rank anyway?

    I'm trying to aim for top 5 for all my subjects in the next few assessments leading up to the TRIALS.

    And also if i do become top 5 for all my subjects do you think then I can get 90 + ATAR.

    Can you give me an ATAR estimate as well?

    I just really need your advice right now.

    thanks helps
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