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    ecmt1010 ..QUiZ next week?

    can someone please post up the question sheet????? i am desperate... i have the test tomorrow and i the questions arent on blackboard anymore... please help :(
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    ecmt1010 ..QUiZ next week?

    can someone please help me with q9? thats the only one i cant do...cheers
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    Do you think the average Australian hates America/ns and if so why?

    i think the average australian likes america/americans... its only the very vocal left who rant and rave about how bad americans are, but the only people who care about what they say are themselves.. the average australian isn't very vocal about it at all (probably because they dont give...
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    Case Study - India?

    maybe try searching through articles on or all the info you would ever need will be available there.. u just hav to find it
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    st andrews application?

    yeah... and also in that letter i think it said something about paying for o week accommodation.. is that rite? do all first years stay at the college for o week?
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    Anyone get a scholarhsip yet?

    yeah i got an offer for $5k a year for 5 years a few weeks ago... very happy :D i got a uai of 99.00 and had pretty good extra curriculars.. but im very surprised that Rach*B missed out..
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    Anyone get a scholarhsip yet?

    Would someone mind explaining to me what the 'reserve list' is? I have seen it mentioned a few times but have no idea what people are talking about...
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    Official HSC Results Thread: So how did u go?

    im pretty happy.. i just hope i can scrape into the 99 uai range.. eng adv 91 ecos 92 bizos 93 maths x1 93 maths x2 86
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    Impact of globalisation assignment, wats a good country to do

    I reckon Ireland is a good one to do.. especially as a result of the recent announcement that Ireland has the best quality of life of anywhere in the world
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    Creative Classroom

    i highly recommend these... they are very helpful for remembering things the only thing i would say is that you need to LEARN and UNDERSTAND all of the content first... the lessons are good for a few stats and remembering everything, but dont use them as a substitute
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    impact of globalisation on Hong Kong

    you may not be willing to do this much work, but the best thing to do would be to go through past isses of "the economist" magazine looking for articles on hong kong... that way you would get some good stats and you would find out more about globalisation in hong kong
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    Case Studies

    specifically, you need a case study for an economy other than australia (i recommend ireland... its a good one to do) and you need to have information for all of the dot points in the syllabus for that economy. in regards to australia, you focus on the australian economy in topic 3. so, it...
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    there isnt really a set of criteria as such... NIEs tend to exhibit some similar characteristics, the most important one being that the economy has become an industrialised economy. i suppose looking at a comparison is the easiest way to explain it. the 'asian tigers' all previously had poor...
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    Economics Assessment Task 1

    financial flows in the context of the syllabus (i'm assuming youre doing topic 1) basically means changes in investment. now that can be investment in capital (e.g. building a factory) or it can be foreign investment in different types of securities (e.g. shares, bonds, derivatives)... there are...
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    binomial expansion question

    If you wanted the answer to part 3, i have typed it out below: 1. expansion of (x+1)^n.(x+1)^n, and letting x=1: (nC0 + nC1 + nc2 + ... + nCn)(nC0 + nC1 + nc2 + ... + nCn) 2. sum of coefficients of the x^(n+1) terms is: (nC1)(nCn) + (nC2)(nCn-1) + (nC3)(nCn-2) + ... +...