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  • hi ahmed ftw
    wots ur deal bro

    ur profile says male
    but ur posts say shemale
    gimme ur details

    Hello there :) damn uni starts next week. Man exams and shit r killing my life hahaha. And dude dude dude u coming over on Saturday? My parents were like man invite Ahmed and his family. We aren't doing anything major, just a BBQ. I expect you to come and save me of my boredom hehehe.
    Uni is good..ish!! How about u?? Yeah sure thing dude, come over on sat night! Should be cool and hahahaha ur mum is too cute! And haha I think my sister likes ur brother :p she'll kill me if she found out that i told u :D
    Haha okay, but only this one time. Yeah I know what you mean...my friends are like that too. Naw you're so sweet! Can't wait to see ya next week
    Lol I did reply to your text. Don't you check your phone? Hahaha okay I guess ill cya then :) na, lunch is my shout seeing as how you didn't let me pay for anything the last time we chilled at manly.
    yeah manly is awesomzzz!!! def going! my grandparents come back at different times..
    my grandad is coming back this week...wednesday i think. grandma coming back in a month or so.
    hahaha cant wait! :) i shall cya then!!
    heyy things are going well! yeah exams in a week or so...*sobs* i cant be bothered. im really exhaused, i just want a break :(
    kk looking forward to your texxttttt :D
    A couple of corrections:

    1 - Fucktard - Dude are you 5?
    2 - Didn't answer any of my shit, or respond in any legitimate or logical way.
    3 - I don't call everyone a gimp, just you and your boyfriends.

    Cheerio X
    Dude, your name is Ahmed ftw. And you're serious. I don't need to say shit. I win. You, my dear friend, are a gimp. Mock my name? I think the name FallopianTubez is a mockery in itself. Suck one, gimp
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