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  • Thanks. i've already written the letter, i just need to finalise the items I am requesting.

    I may have a problem with the fee, however - I'm not 18 till the 27th of December but I can't send the letter till the 16th or 17th. Do I just pay the $15?
    Hey, I wanted to request my raw marks, and I'm not sure what I should be asking for. Would you be able to help me??
    How can you say that? Extention maths only allows students with skill and you got there because of skill. Now stop being humble 'cause you're a smart boy :9
    Woah, how could you tell it was me? And lol, I dunno how we spelt it either. Two down for me, four more to go. Can't wait until it's all over D:
    Hehehe, yeah. PMQ FTW. I have seen a couple past and present people on here from Port.
    I went to St Joseph's Regional High when I was though. Most, if not all of my friends are now at Mackillop.
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