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    New Syllabus = Memorising Imaginatives?

    Thank you deadofwrite and B1andB2 for your quick responses. I'm honestly surprised this is what it takes to do well in Mod C. Does NESA really expect us to come up with band 6 responses off the cuff?
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    New Syllabus = Memorising Imaginatives?

    Is the only way for students to get high marks in an imaginative through memorisation? If so what do students memorise that allows them to adapt it to the question? Thanks in advance fellow BoSers!
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    How we goin

    As a non english extension 2 student, I salute u.
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    The hardest task I have ever faced in my HSC

    Yeah Im just as confused as you! Although I think this is because of teacher preferences. At my school the teachers would just assess is with a math exam like the hsc. But I guess theres a lot of leniency in how u assess students :/
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    Is the half angle formula ever in the HSC syllabus?

    If not. Will we lose marks if we include it?
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    What's the best nesa approved calculator for 4U?

    Any recommended calculators for the hsc exam that makes 4u easier?
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    Are Critics still Required

    I think Qeru means you don't need critics, as in they're not compulsory, but it doesn't hurt to use them or not use them.
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    Are Critics still Required

    Really? Everyone seems to disagree on this topic. The two guys above still say it is. Hmmm. Very peculiar.
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    Paul’s math notes good questions?

    Are the questions provided on Paul’s math notes, good enough to practice for HSC assessments or would that be a waste of time?
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    Are Critics still Required

    I was told that after the syllabus changed, we wouldnt need to include critic quotes anymore in Mod B or other modules as they are no longer assessed. Is this true?
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    Band 6 Unreachable?

    I've actually never noticed scaling's decreasing effect the higher the mark. Thanks tito981 :)
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    Band 6 Unreachable?

    CM_Tutor you're absolutely right. As much as I'd love to travel back in time, the past can't be changed. Thank you for taking the time to help me out for this. I really appreciate this amazing community!
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    Band 6 Unreachable?

    Thank you for your speedy and in-depth answer jimmysmith560. I really appreciate it :) I'm so happy it's still possible!
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    Band 6 Unreachable?

    Im currently rank 52/69 for 4U at a school that regularly gets 30 band 4s (40+/50) , and 38 Band 3s (30-39/50) for HSC Math ex 2. If I for my 3rd assessment and trials, I get in the top 20 for both, is it possible for me to achieve a final HSC mark of 45/50 for 4u?
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    How can I be more organised in Year 11?

    Who has summoned m-- Oh hey Velocifire! Ummmmm I know nothing?