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    Anyone doing 3 major work subjects for Year 12?

    Good Luck! I made it through and so will you! Just work hard and be determined :)
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    Life at uni

    Digging up an old thread here but how did you go with everything? I'm currently in the same position and am getting worried about balancing work and study.
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    Get Keen.
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Anyone find it difficult to relate "Life of Pi" to section 3's question??
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    SAME. I skimmed those last two because I knew I wouldn't churn out the end of my essay unless I stopped at the 40 minute mark for section 1...
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    Your subject regrets

    Regret: Ancient History. Wayyyyy to much content to learn and revise before exams Wish I could drop: Studies of Religion. But I go to a Catholic school and its compulsory to do a religion subject :(
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    Thoughts on the Australian Film Television and Radio School?

    I've done my research and had a look at what it offers through the website and the Course Info Day. I'm seriously considering enrolling in the BA of screen course next year or the year after and would just like to hear any feedback from students that go there or know of anything about it that I...
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    Studying in England?

    Thank You for replying :) I'm currently in Year 12 now and making serious decisions about uni. I am considering going to the AFTRS in Sydney because I really would like to work in the film or television production (I'm not sure entirely in what area) but studying this overseas would be even better
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    Drama - IP 2015

    I'm doing one but I have been terrible at the time management of it all. I only just got into gear in the last few weeks and I'm freaking out!!! I'm doing Michael Gow's "Toy Symphony". I completely agree, there is a heap of work to do for it and my logbooks are massive. I definitely...
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    Workload (important question)

    This is really late but if you do Advanced English you would have already figured out how much content , writing and supplementary texts you need. it's quite the workload!
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    People finding Yr 11 hard already!?

    Yeah don't worry about year 11. In hindsight, I stressed way more than needed in year 11 and for me it's just a year that prepares you for the HSC workload. Don't stress!, it is more of an introductory year and it just helps with your understanding of what will happen next year. Teachers make it...
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    Related Texts???

    Would anyone know some good non- mainstream related texts that I can use for Life of Pi (Discovery), Henry IV Part 1 (Representation of people and politics) and Pride and Prejudice??? :rolleyes:
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    Changing your I.P during the Christmas holidays??

    I chose to do a video drama for my I.P and I have a really good concept, am very passionate about it and I had ideas sort of just floating around. I did the first assessment in term 4 and presented my idea to my two drama teachers and they were in love with it and encouraged me to pursue it...
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    Anyone doing 3 major work subjects for Year 12?

    Wow I good luck this year :) I'm going to stick to all my subjects now, I'm feeling much more confident and motivated to do them because I love them all too haha