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  • Hi Amogh, Just wondering if you are interested in coaching yr 12 student for maths ext1 and physics.
    Jeff 0414585581
    Haha thx, wbu? Finished uni for the year yet?

    Well I have my sights on neurosurgery lol, its the one that interests me the most but its too early to actually "cement" it. I guess time and exposure to more of the fields and what being a surgeon actually entails will give me a clearer perspective.

    Did u enjoy uni? I remember u saying it wasnt all it was cracked up to be in ur eyes, do u still feel the same?
    yeah just finished sem 2 last week, on stuvac atm then got exams from 12th-20th

    its been a good year, i really enjoyed it although i hate studying for written exams (i don't actually mind the clinical ones cos they are ~interactive~ lol)
    yo brah long time no talk how have u been (it's mirakon btw not sure if u remember me haha)
    Thanks mate.

    I'm thinking of doing science advanced at (hopefully) usyd.

    Where abouts are you going?
    Hey bro,

    I got one more exam left (chem) but im pretty chilled out since I only need ~95 atar so it's not too concerning, I guess. MX2 was a weird test, English a bit strange and threw me off a bit but physics was all good - no problems with that and hopefully chemistry too.

    What are you up to these days?
    sorry for the super super super late reply!!
    Why is uni a disappoinment? not enjoying the experience?
    i havent gone cos its usually on at night in the city and i doubt my parents would allow me to go lol. you know saturday night, drunk dudes in the city, me chilling out with people that i dont even know hahaha.
    oh why dont you post here anymore??
    lol no uni partying AT ALL! i have never been to one uni party (dont call me gran :p ). Been heaps busy studying and doing assignments and stuff. Havent really found the time to catch up with old friends or uni friends and stuff outside of uni. Just during breaks and whatever else but thats about as much as i hang out with friends.
    When ive got some spare time, I like visiting family since i dont get to see them all that much.
    wow, thats pretty good! hope youre going well with uni and all! enjoying your course?
    hahaha, no i dont go to bos meats lol.
    uni's been treating me well, so many assignments and all but i guess that's part of the experience :D
    lol, we've moved apart me and me uni friends, so tis all cool...you make friends, you lose some, you make more friends, its a cycle :D
    p.s. we've all missed you on here :)
    haha... yeah, uni's alright i guess. a lot of work though in maths and phys :s hm...i occasionally see you in maths and phys; just look around for himmat and best bet i'll be sitting with him :)
    Hahaha yeah uni is going well :) what are you doing now...post hsc? How's oife been treating you? My good friends transferred unis lol, so I'm feeling a little more lonely this sem despite the fact that heaps of ky friends are still here. I'm t at uni at the moment, on break lol. Lol yep still bosing, where did u disappear to stranger?!?!? Xoxo.
    haha m8 i remember u 2. How u been bro?

    Yeah i'm gr8 :) loving uni and living life. I'll make sure to make time for you and my schlong, I mean gold rep bar, to be acquainted
    i know!!!! fuck we decided this in o week
    it needs to be a full blown all nighter now to make up for it taking this long
    o yeeeee all the squats (nah skateboard :( )
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