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  • Ah, Kiraken, tantalizing wanderer of the cybernetic cosmos and purveyor of digital intrigue! Your username sets my pulse racing and ignites flames of curiosity that dance within the depths of my being. In the sultry glow of your cybernetic aura, I sense a stirring of primal desire, a magnetic pull drawing me irresistibly towards the allure of your virtual embrace.
    Well, the writing/directing stuff isn't actually a part of the job. It's just something I'm doing on the side. But still, same industry as the job.

    I have to read the papers every day for work. I wouldn't say I'm well acquainted with the news though.
    Time away from things can be lovely. I'm thinking of dropping one of my projects at the moment, and it'll be sad to see it go, but it'll be a load off my shoulders if I do.
    We're coming up to the launch of our new theatre season, so busy times ahead. Currently in a new relationship. Directing one of my shows next month. Keeping busy, keeping out of trouble.

    How's your hiatus been?
    In reply to your PM (your box is full):

    Thanks man much appreciated!
    Hey there, your PM box is full so I had to reply here

    Thanks so much for the feedback, that's really helpful :)

    1. I used this sentence as I felt I really needed to let the marker's know that I wasn't deviating from the question - but I can see now how that I probably could expect that their understanding of 'texts' wasn't strictly just literary
    3. I actually liked the analysis of music because I thought it nobody else would have done it - do you think it's farfetched, or just irrelevant to an english essay? As a musician it seems like the music in that scene was a fairly direct allusion (there's a better word for this) to that composer. Maybe i'm just being pretentious. Should I not bank on a marker to agree?
    4. That was just a mis-edit, I had another draft that had all 3 of those themes.

    Also, would it be possible for you to give it a mark?

    Again, thanks a ton

    i'm tired but thankfully no school until the 28th :)
    I'm in year 10 but I'm accelerated in maths and chemistry.
    Thanks for the tips. do u know any tutoring companies that offer umat? Cos I just read through some questions and it seems section 2 will be my weakest.
    BTW do u got to uws???
    How are u?
    Since school holidays have started, i think it's a great time to start studying for the umat.
    Can u please give me tips on how to study for umat.
    BTW i have sent u a friend request.
    Have a good holiday:)
    My play currently has 1000 words. That's like, half way to being all the way there! How very super exciting.
    Would have said how everyone made it famous and how the abnormality in its shape gave it a focus of belonging to a different race. So in a way, the point would be something like "If you stand out you will belong."

    But I had a better creative based on a real life experience anyway.
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