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  • i'm free like muthafucka out of jail and makin tha bitchez suck my 12 inch cock :)

    dw bout a thang, you can smash it, finished playin final fantasy? or doin it on ur break??
    Lol what makes you say Bachelor of chemical engo and and Masters in Biomed engo in particular? :)

    Oh wow that sounds fun! How are you gonna do it (besides sticking everything together)? Is it an individual project, or a group one?
    Yeah I am considering Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

    What kinds of problems do they get you to solve? What are some examples?
    Yeah, I'll try and figure something out but I'm really keen on taking a GAP year for some reason. Did you ever consider it or is Civil Engineering @UNSW really that good ?

    Btw, do you have (or use) MSN?
    Hi, im interested in also doing Civil engineering at UNSW and noticed how crazy your timetable was lol. I just wanted to know if thats what a usual timetable looks like for people doing engineering or if youre being a gun and doing extra units and stuff lol. Cause my friends only go to uni like 3 days a week and youre full on! Thank you for any info.
    Yeah, I don't really speak the language either but I figure I can just wing it if I nod every few seconds or so and learn how to say "My Japanese is ______ ."

    I guess I'm doing alright atm. A little amused (and anxious) about the fact that school life is almost over. On top of that, there are about 10 different careers I'm interested in so that's a bit of an issue as well. That's probably part of the reason I'm taking a GAP year - just so I can procrastinate in choosing what I want to do [IMG].
    Oh ok, i'm usually at red centre and mid to lower campus, rarely go to the upper campus area.
    haha, thanks. same to you too!

    btw, i feel i owe it to you to tell you that your rep is worth 14 points
    Yeah, certainly. It's too far to walk from class to class, they should have a micro-transport system lol.
    Yeah, i'll say "hi", if i ever see u at uni. But the chances of that are really slim lol.
    Yeah I understand what you're staying. But I think a part of me wanted to drop Ext. Maths just so I could do Extension Two English XD. A large part of philosophy is just daydreaming but then I write some of it down, someone reads and likes it = epic score - that's what I'm hoping for with my major work anyway .

    Yeah I'm planning on traveling and working a bit next year - probably in Japan atm.

    Anyway, how has your life been of late?
    I'm in the same situation, I've got so much work that i've had to just scrap some stuff like hw i hadn't completed since week 2 and so on. I'm primarily focusing on assignments and cram when tests come around. So cbf doing work for uni now lol. Anyways, may see you around uni sometime.
    Hey, would've replied to ur rep with a rep but i can't (error message pops up). Uni's ok but it's too much work especially for lazy ppl like me. Anywyas, how's civil eng going?
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