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Recent content by anne123123

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    Economics Textbook Answers

    teacher just gave us hardcopies no actual textbook
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    Economics Textbook Answers

    our school unfortunately has not uploaded them though ;(
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    Economics Textbook Answers

    hey! does anyone happen to have the 2020 The market economy dixon yr 11 workbook answers? I've done most of the questions but I'm not sure if my answers are correct, ESPECIALLY MULTIPLE CHOICE ughh. thank you!!
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    ngl but I put my blood, sweat and tears into this My notes covered absolutely everything u need to know i got 94 for IPT with these notes :) give these notes a rating too :D enjoy!!
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    Should I write digital notes?! 🧐

    oh gosh that's me ahaha - airpods - iphone - mac - 2 iPads - apple pencil I've truly enjoyed my experience with their products tho and I had 2 androids before my phone so I slightly understand both world ahahaha
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    But will all my files still be there or should I transfer all of it to another email before they rid my education email?
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    Hey! What happens to my google drive, google classroom, emails etc that are linked to my education email when I leave school. Do they all get deleted or is it just my education email that I cannot use anymore but I still have access to all my documents right? THANKS this is real important
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    Here is a practice economics question that I received from my teacher, wondering if anyone could help me break it down and help me with a few ideas for what to write about it: With reference to recent events in the Australian economy and the aid of diagrams, explain how equilibrium price and...
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    Should I write digital notes?! 🧐

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could provide advice on handwriting digital notes on my iPad (6th gen). Would that be appropriate for the HSC? For e.g: biology, geography, economics, English write all notes digitally except math. Practice essays and such will be written by hand but the nOtEs will...
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    HELP can I get over 98.5?!?!

    Hi! I currently take: biology economics geography ext 1 maths ext 1 eng In yr 10, I also did IPT with a score of 94. I don’t really like biology at the moment because it is too content heavy and geography is kinda boring, so would it be possible to only take 8 units into yr 12 and include IPT in...
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    how do i solve this? If 7 × 2nPn = 4 × 2n+1Pn,find n
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    Subject Selections!!!

    Hey, so I have picked Ext 1 English (compulsory in yr 11 at my school) Ext 1 Maths Economics Geography Biology Do you guys think that these subjects are a bit on the lower scaling side and will still be able to achieve an ATAR of 98.5 ish with these choices? What are your experiences for each...
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    Subjects for Year 12

    Thank you so much for the advice!!!
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    Subject Selection for yr 11& 12

    I am in Yr 10 and I am having trouble knowing which subjects to pick. I currently want to aim for an ATAR of 98.5 ish and attend Sydney Girls. I am also aiming to do something in the Technology or Business field. I currently also take IPT (information processing and technology) at school right...