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    LAW Transfer 2018

    Forgot to mention, this is from an external university not internally.
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    LAW Transfer 2018

    When do transfer results release? Is it the same day as year 12 students receive their offers, i.e. Thursday 21st December? Or do we have to wait till January ??
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Haven't gotten it yet. Should be soon
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    How many people get notified if they got a rank for a course? Is it like only the top 10 or does it depend on the course size? Also does anyone know what course mark typically is required for getting a rank in law courses? For example, what course mark would be needed for torts to get the last...
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    How do you know MARK1012 has been added?? I'm pretty sure ECON1102 is added though.
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    Official UNSW S1 2017 Results

    Would all course be added by now to UNSW system and so the wam trick can give a final result?
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    Buying Textbooks for Semester 1 2017

    Hi, I was wondering when do most people buy their textbooks for uni. Do they wait till the first lectures and then purchase them or should we buy them before uni begins. Also where is the best place to purchase the textbooks. I know officially you can buy them from the UNSW bookshop but...
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    Access to all Recorded Lectures in a course?

    Hi, For UNSW Commerce first year students, I was wondering if you have access to all lectures taught for a course and not just the one you are enrolled in. That is recordings for the same course but taught by different teachers and at different times. It's just that some lecturers are...
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    HD average in Commerce at USYD

    Was wondering if any past students could describe the difficulty in achieving a high distinction average in commerce at USYD. Did you take any wam boosters? and which ones? thanks.
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    2016 TRIAL PAPERS trade !!

    Does anyone have any trial papers from 2016 to trade. Subject that are needed are: English Advanced Maths 2U Maths 3U Biology Economics Geography PM me if your willing to trade. Thanks.
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    Cambridge Prelim MX1 Textbook Marathon/Q&A

    Re: Year 11 Mathematics 3 Unit Cambridge Question & Answer Thread I got c , but the answers says b. Not sure why? Any one have any clue??
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    Discovery Creative Writing Help

    My mate had a sibling who wrote a story like 5 years ago and used it in the hsc. He says he's going to use the same one but tweak it to Discovery of course. I am worried that I should I advise him not to. But its been so many years, and there are so many creative each year, isn't it like...
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    Trial Question Help

    I dont get the solutions to part iv The solutions says V1 + V2 + V3 +.... gives the volume of a cone with height 1 unit and radius 1 unit. cheers. Question from SGS Trial 2012
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    Cambridge Prelim MX1 Textbook Marathon/Q&A

    Re: Year 11 Mathematics 3 Unit Cambridge Question & Answer Thread So in general if question have monthly repayments and they give interest rates per annum should you reckon that it is compounded monthly ?? Or is it just these questions are ambiguous?? Edit: Dont worry IG answered the Question
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    Cambridge Prelim MX1 Textbook Marathon/Q&A

    Re: Year 11 Mathematics 3 Unit Cambridge Question & Answer Thread i had let Tn be the amount owed after n years and M be the montly repayments so T1 = 15000 (1.135) - 12M T2 = T1(1.135) - 12M = 15000(1.135)^2 - 12M(1.135) - 12M ..... T5 = 15000(1.135)^5 - 12M(1.135^4 + 1.135^3 + ... + 1)...