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    Why do i do so bad in prac / open book exams?

    this!!!!!! Ask your teacher to go through all of these terms with you if you don't know them already, it'll be super helpful. Also, it's probably good to have a structured discussion, so ask your teacher how they like it set out (e.g. talking about how the experiment was carried out first and...
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    Reduction for Dry Cell

    lol you don't. cram it the days before the exams for these tedious things.
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    The Disappointment Thread - Cry here...

    Re: Disappointed with your results? Disappointed with Chemistry, especially my trial mark was 91. Only got 83. Not pleased about it, but everything else went as expected so whatevssss.
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    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    Aim: realistic aim 94 Einstein: 95.45 Matrix: 94.80 Actual: 93.95 shattered? was too sleepy when I checked, couldn't give a fuck.
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    English Advanced: 85 Biology: 85 Chemistry: 83 Mathematics Extension 1: 90 Mathematics Extension 2: 80 Einstein ATAR estimate: 95.45 UMAX ATAR estimate: 94.80 massive difference o.o;; overall, wish I did better in chemistry. I was expecting at least a mid to high band 5 at minimum...
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    How's everyone going so far?

    Yeah, don't fret. After my first Eng. Adv. assessment (viva voce) I was ranked in the late 20s. By the time the half-yearlies exam was over, I was 18th. By the time the trials was over, I was 8th. I was probably around 8th or 9th for Chem after my first assessment, but after the half yearlies I...
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    What the hell is going on?

    there was an error on my school's report. I was told that the ranks that the BoS calculated from your assessment marks are the right one if there was an error, so don't fret. Your school may have made an error but the only concern there would be what appears on your school reports but the BoS...
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    Post your predicted ATARs

    above 90 for sure.
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    share your feelings! :)

    over maths... for real. :\
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    band 5/6 in MEX1 possible?

    the only bands that exist for extension subjects are E1 to E4. Yes you can probably achieve E3 with that.
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    TRIALS -- Is it too late to start writing up notes?

    it should take you roughly 45-50 hours of dedicated study to do all the dot points for chem + phys. with distraction is like 2-3 times longer so maybe 90-150 hours?
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    Who IS studying for trials and what are you doing?

    nevermind, found the 2008 one. I just need the 2007 and 2009 one if anyone has them!
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    Can releated texts be Prescribed texts?

    my teacher said you cannot use any of the prescribed text as a related text.