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  • lol :lol: very true, however being an Asian in GRANVILLE narrows it down for me :p
    haha i bet being a lebo in the suburbs narrows it down for yu ay? jks

    Okay, nwz will PM them to you.

    Aww congrats. OMG mee tooo. :( *depression strikes* i dont want to study anymore. Im so over it.

    I feel like working out *cause i need to trim up big tym*... so i'll probly do something active and then come back.. lol

    Yu planning much for this week?
    lol... thanks

    Ohh okay sorry, i thought i might know yu :eek: lol

    We do fighting, movements to get yu out of certain situations, forms, work on flexibility, incorporate mantis etc style into our sessions, sometimes use weapons; poles and swords... pretty fun. Yu should give it a try/or come and watch before committing though. If yu want details, i'll PM them.

    haha. i reckon ay?!

    Yeh, thats pretty good. lol. My master's son came 6th in the WORLD in china comp's last year :) and 3 gold in the wushu tornament :)
    Sorry - my long msg wouldnt fit in one comment box :eek: lol big mouth much?

    lol its okay i think i agree yu may be better at soccer than me :p Thats okay... umm why not come to merrylands and train with me, public lessons are $10 an hour on Sunday, private lessons for the elite elites are $60 an hour :p. haha If yu want any details i'll PM them to you... Ohh wait a sec, my master goes to UTS so yu probly already know him :eek: lol
    i got it because im 'culturally aware' as stated in my resume... Yeh i incorporate them ;) wen im talking to my master or performing at a chinese function [note my family and i are the only non-asians there most of the time] ... lol :shy: my friend taught me to say 'i will miss yu' and instead of saying that, i got some syllable wrong and said 'i love yu' to my teacher before he went overseas :shy: And the worst part about it is that i broke into tears at the airport... [then only a few months later, when showing off my 'skills' to another student at training she told me that i wasnt saying it right, that i was actually professing my love for the bloke].

    Yes yu got it, but only because you covered pretty much everu nationality in the area :p

    btw is yur mum's name Kim? :eek: lol

    haha what do yu mean "that bad" lol.. it wasnt my fault :p Ohh they offer it do they??? awesome... yu shud try it, letme noe how it goes ay?

    Hmm, save up with what income? my allowance from rents :s I dont work... i guess i'll just have to depend on their generosity or do wat ur doing and make up for it later?

    YAY! i got it :p lol ... my friends say that im an 'adopted asian' cause i do kung fu and can say some phrases etc in chinese :p lol take a guesss wat nato i am?
    My grandmas in Granville, haha near delany college :p I always go driving down railway terrace... yeh im more mlands...

    Mmmhmm kwl. lol not really, all good :p A jobs a job ay?

    me neither... i confess, lol we were playing it as a warm up one lesson at tae kwon doe *which i quit* and the stiches incident occured :( lol. I cant play too well, but my attempts are okay i guess?! Basketball is good to 'attempt' too :p

    Yeh, i think it shud ay! i wanna go europe, america, lebanon, greece *haha our dollar is so gud against theirs*, asia... lol did yu travel after hsc?

    Hmmm... granville, tells me Lebo? computer shop, tells me Asian? Roadtripping, maybe hardcore Aussie? lol... Am i close at all? :eek:
    Yup... yu guessed it :p I assume yu may suffer from the same temptation?

    lol.. i thought it'd take a bit longer than that... thats an alright travel time...i may consider uts more srsly now. yeh i have...lol but not so many times by train, im not a fan of public transport!

    where do yu work? U play soccer??? I love soccer. lol. although the last time i played indoor soccer i winded up with stitches in my foot :(

    WOW. That should be good.... kwl roadtrip sounds like so much fun!

    If yu mean am i planning on travelling? ... no not really, i mean id love to go overseas after HSC but i dnt noe what the chances of that are atm :(

    Wat nato are yu?
    lol... :eek: I live pretty much in Parramatta too! Down the road and yur at westfields.

    Ohh is that all? Thats not too long a trip i guesss?

    Hows life... anything interesting happening?
    Ohh kwl. Ye yu start early with camp etc. but seems pretty good.

    congratulations! lol...im sure yu might? in which case yeh cya there.

    haha... its all good.

    Sooo, r u in the city / suburban areas? :p
    lol... UTS is awesome, im applying for the accounting scholarship there! Its like a 3-4yr course with 2 6month internships... and they pay yu a good amount of $$$ for the scholarship that is... lol like more than enough to cover the degree... so means more for shopping in my case :p

    Also, my kung fu teacher is at UTS... hes doing Med. :) I'm so coming to the open day... lol cya there?!?

    hmm, yeh definatley, anywayz thanks for the advice!

    Im sooo tired from all the late nights, but BOS is so addictive ... especially cause i havent been on for a while :p
    Im thinking of doing a major in accounting and commercial law ?? Which uni are yu at?

    Aww noo. lol its one of the harder ones :eek: *sigh* im thinking of doing a cadetship with a B of Commerce ... or a straight Com/Law degree.

    Aww your so nice. Thanks alot...
    hello, i noticed yu were a recent visitor to my page... and having a peek at your 'about me' i saw your doing a B of Business.

    Thats my second option for uni... was wondering if you can give me any advice or a quick overview of wat its like... ?
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