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  • We'll have to come to some sort of agreement, and this i mean, regards your valuable shares.
    LOL oh alright then mr. original.

    yeah i wanna do med . cus i'm so koooooooool. :3

    what do you want to do?
    Yeah Eng Ext is typically better :) But I love my Adv Eng class what we're doing atm.

    Not sure, what the specific modules are but;
    In Advanced, we are doing Othello. (Shakespearean study)
    In Ext, I have an assessment task on societal concerns in Tess D'urbevilles. In class essay when I go back. So after that, we'd be starting something new but I'm not sure what.
    I'm going offline now, trying to finish off chem

    l8rs, talk to you tomorrow:)
    LLOL I was not purposely changing the topic yo.

    Yeah, everything is great except for the MX1 which I've screwed up. All good because there's still like 10 weeks before year 12.
    don't pm me, my inbox is full lmao. you dont have to rep me :L

    but if you must know, the rep button is at the bottom left of each forum post for each person.
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