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  • lol I guess taking any career has miral implications attached to it, if ur adept enough at it u probs have enough control over what happens and often a lot of the bad stuff that comes outta it is just outta ur control and u have to just accept there isnt much u can do about it. Im sure financial dilemnas have a lot of those situations considering the amount of factors involved and I guess if u make a mistake it is defs bad in the sense it impacts ppl but also an opportunity to learn first-hand (if u screw up badly enough ur probs less likely to do it again, not saying u should do it deliberately though haha)

    I kinda am more interested in physician stuff than surgical stuff tbh, I guess I like communicating with patients and doing the detective type of stuff a lot more than being a guts mechanic hahaha. Neurology, psychiatry and endocrinology are the 3 that appeal to me the most atm
    lol i have seen a few of their vids my mate is a massive fan and the yare pretty entertaining haha

    any particular subjects that have rly appealed to u? Any side of ur double that u feel holds more interest for u career-wise?

    haha yeah 2nd year was rly tough but so looking forward to this year as 3rd year is mostly in the hospital which is rad haha
    haha yeah it's a trope in a lot of animes though, goku is kinda like that too haha (even though i find dragonball insanely overrated and childish lol it was fun to watch as a kid)

    ahahahaha omg dat video is so freakin rad hahaha the guy's facial expressions so gud and the cross dressing targaryan

    lol ikr

    what else have u gotten up to? how is uni going? heard u were still undecided about what u might wanna do a few years down the track
    rurouni kenshin has a much more cartoony style so i can see where you are coming from haha

    tv series like a n00b haha havent rly had the time to invest in the books even though they are obvs more content heavy

    lol i spent most of my time in the water i think the sun reflected off the surfaced made the sunburn on my shoulders worse haha

    omg legit this is gonna be politically incorrect but seeing obese people in bikinis legit that shit should be banned
    haha yeah i have seen pretty much all the kenshin adaptations and that is definitely the best, it's animation is so fluid

    lol i bet ur a lannister u sly dawg

    time they are a-changin hahaha, lol i went to the beach like a week ago and some skin on my shoulders is still peeling but it was totally worth it haha
    lol i have seen rurouni kenshin and monster the latter is easily in my top 5 tbh and kenshin the master (i think his name is seijuro idunno the black haired one) is so badass hahahaha i remember the maker of the manga actually said that he was confused what to do with him because he was too OP

    shit man thats like when i go back to duh motherland and i spend half my nights playing cards or ludo dat shit got intense ahahahahaha

    beach is so good omg i have only been like 4 times these holz so far though so defs wanna go again some day but im getting sunburnt despite my nigganess, its letting me down

    hmmm i will be sure to check out kino's journey i haven't heard of it yet haha thanks for the reco :)
    haha which anime? and lol fak das massive haha

    nah stayed in sydney just chilling with mates, that's about it haha. Brissy for family or just to holiday?
    2 months in and im kinda the same haha I have started though lol, just chilled haha, wbu? Did u go anywhere?
    Hahaha boredofuni would be the predictable answer :p nigga come up wit ur own ideas haha

    How's uni going for? Oweek just finished right? How did that go? And how ur holz been?
    Ermahgherd ur still boredofhsc even though ur a uni student wat a fegget :p

    (u made my sig bby :") )
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