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  • lol i was gonna book for that one, but i dont like too many people in the same class.
    well i guess i'll see you soon :) just dont expect to much :S
    lol idk, im not that interesting to meet :D but if you insist :) the most you'll get out of me is probably a hi ;p
    um im chinese -.-
    1401 lecturer is awesome :) ihave him as my tutor as well so its x2awesomeness
    lol yes i saw alot of people leave, but i cant remember that group lol, where you one of the first to leave? if yes then yeh i kinda vaguely remember that group, everyone after that was a little fuzzy cause i just toyed around on my phone cause i didnt want her to pick on me again for the next lecture :)
    where were u sitting around? near that girl who asked the internet question? cause i remember people next to their right left first i think. if that was ur group, ur a pimp :D lol
    well i suppose your read my post :p i wouldnt surprised if u came up to me next time we have that lecture (if ur going of course). i shouldnt be too hard to spot :D
    do u do hubs1401 by any chance?
    Oh man, commuting is going to be a bitch. Good luck with it! it's what i would be doing if i hadn't gotten on campus. there is cheap rent near ourimbah campus, you'd have no trouble moving up if you felt like you needed to (Y) it's scary, thoguh. haha
    I'm doing science at callaghan, majoring in chem. hbu?
    woo, so you're going to newcastle too :)
    Do you live there, or are you moving up there? O-Week looks like it'll be insane
    i think it has to be a certain file size and a jpeg... maybe try to resize it? if it still dont work, then bos is just being gay
    Yeh def at Usyd.
    I wanna go into dentistry afterwards.
    I'm preferring Oral health just for the fact it provides a job if i dont get into Post Grad Dent.
    Btw how do you pics up in your profile?
    I keep getting Invalid File...
    nice :) i wanted to do med sc at one stage but its not really useful unless u wanna get into graduate medicine or dentistry
    at usyd?
    nah i didnt go to open day for some stupid reason >_< but yeah hopefully i will get in
    what uni/degree are u going to?
    Wow way out.
    Im in St George area.
    BTW congrats on your ATAR thats fantastic!
    Where and what you applying for?
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